Founded in 1997, Connect Express specialises in high quality network design, implementation and support. Our services cover the full lifecycle of today’s high performance networks, including design, consultancy, hardware supply, installation, implementation, project management, maintenance, training and support.

Information Technology is at the heart of every organisation and networks are the glue that binds it together. As a result, companies need high performing networks that are highly resilient and secure. Our network consultants understand this, which is why we are passionate about working closely with our customers to design, deliver and maintain superior network solutions for them.We also understand that technology changes rapidly, which is why we maintain the highest levels of expertise.
At Connect Express we are still working with the customers that began using us in 1997. We have retained these relationships through excellent customer service, flexibility, technical knowledge and close partnerships with key vendors.
Our flexibility and service ethos, coupled with the in-depth expertise of our network consultants, means that we can work with you to create innovative yet robust solutions that help drive your business forward, year after year.


These are the core values that run through our whole team at Connect Express.
We care passionately about our customers and the way in which we conduct our business. The desire to deliver exceptional service runs through our veins. It is embedded in our business, coming from the heart, not just the head.
Conducting business with absolute integrity is of the utmost importance to us. It enables us to build long-lasting relationships with customers and become trusted advisors to them.
Our expertise in networking is second to none. From LAN/WAN and data centres, through Security, Unified Communications, Wireless and Virtualisation, to complex trouble-shooting, we are often called upon where others have failed.
These core values run through our whole team. They combine to provide an unrivalled customer service ethos, which results in higher quality solutions and services for our customers.
Our Cisco “Premier Partner Plus” accreditation includes a number of key performance indicators (KPI). Customer Satisfaction is an important KPI and Cisco have setup an online survey tool to gauge both Cisco and Connect eXpress’s performance in this area.
Selected customers are then e-mailed an invitation to participate. The survey results are collected and audited by a third party organisation in conjunction with Cisco. This method gives the results objectivity and all responses are given anonymously.
Our last Survey, taken in January 2014, gave us an overall score of 4.85 out of 5.00. Whilst we’re pleased that our customers rate us so highly, we will continue working towards a 5.0 score on a daily basis.

Our Services


Networking - the communication between two or more networks, encompasses every aspect of connecting computers together.Networks have grown to support vastly disparate end-system communication requirements. A network requires many protocols and features to permit scalability and manageability without constant manual intervention.
In Network design, the trend is toward increasingly complex environments involving multiple media, multiple protocols, and interconnection to networks outside any single organization’s dominion of control.
Carefully designing networks can reduce the hardships associated with growth as a networking environment evolves.


As part of our role as a Cisco “Premier Partner”, we’re expected the become subject matter experts on all Cisco Programmes and Promotions on our customers behalf. By using these programmes, we can help you make substantial savings on capital expenditure.
By applying these savings in conjunction with Cisco’s Trade-in Programme, we can even get you a return on old and dysfunctional equipment.


Implementation refers to a post-sales process of requirements analysis, scope analysis, customizations, systems integrations, user policies, user training and delivery. These steps are overseen by a project manager using standardised methodologies.To implement a system successfully, a large number of inter-related tasks need to be carried out in an appropriate sequence. Utilising a well-proven methodology and enlisting professional advice can help avoid pitfalls such as, poor planning and inadequate resourcing that causes problems with an implementation project.
Connect eXpress have identified meticulous consultation and comprehensive, two-way communication as the keys to achievement of the desired end results


Having invested the capital in a world-class system, it’s easy to forget that even the best engineered products need to be maintained correctly to consistently deliver high availability to users.
Connect eXpress reputation as a support contract management specialist has gained us new customers and awards over the last 20 years. As part of our “value added service” Connect eXpress manage the Cisco SMARTnet substructure for all our customers install base.
Our contract management expertise also extends to a wide range of HP, Novell and CA products too.
During 2014, to ensure that we’re providing the best service possible, we’ve extended our services into a Shared Support system, which offers 24 x 7 x 365 telephone support and fault diagnosis on Cisco infrastructure and communication platforms.

Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment

All Cisco “Re-manufactured” products are extensively tested to ensure they will deliver full operational capability and to ensure that they meet the very highest standard of reliability, as expected by Cisco customers.
This process takes place in Cisco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where the product first undergoes a full hardware soak test. Once the product has passed this test, any components which show signs of wear or which do not deliver 100% performance will be replaced and the products is re-tested to ensure that they meet the performance standards. The latest version of firmware is then loaded and together with the latest operating software, will be repackaged in a new box. The original product serial number label is replicated, with the letters RF added as a suffix to identify the products history.
This keen attention to detail allows Cisco to supply officially refurbished products which carry the same warranty as new equipment. As a result of this, Cisco refurbished product customers gain the same Cisco Certified protection for a fraction of the cost of new equipment, reducing your total cost of ownership.
Due to current regulatory restrictions and legal limitations, CCRE products are currently not available in the LATAM region. If you have any questions, please contact the CCRE team.

Cisco Architectures

Enterprise Networks

The latest network infrastructures are developed using integrated components to provide inter-connected solutions. Optimized for performance, speed, bandwidth, threat handling, and service deployment, they’re effective in providing the necessary connectivity and network services required to run today’s increasingly demanding business environment.With the advent of the Internet of Everything, the number of devices, clouds, and items connected to the network are expected to increase greatly. To reduce the potential for complexity and simplify business growth, there’s a need to start streamlining the network infrastructure.The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture transforms IT through an open, programmable, and application-centric platform.Increase business agility and quickly deploy advanced services through superior network programmability enabled through the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module.


Whether you’re looking to protect network access and assets, or secure your transition to “the Cloud”, or even improve risk management and satisfy compliance needs, the probability is, you’ll have to address the widest range of issues, within a limited time, and an even more limited budget. The security of your business impacts every member of staff without exception…. And more significantly, all the way past the edge of your domain into your customers. There are no magic bullets or all-encompassing solutions. There are however, policy driven solutions for users which have been proven to reduce risk, and best practices which help develop “good behaviours” and reduce the risks introduced by ill-advised internet activity.


Japanese Proverb : “None of us are as smart as all of us” Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Improve collaboration with technology that empowers people to engage and innovate anywhere, on any device.

Data Centre

Cisco Unified Data Centre changes the economics of the data centre by unifying compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single platform. The result is operational simplicity and business agility - essential for cloud computing and deploying IT as a service.